e-worm club Mensajes

chris 73 days ago
it's good to be back >:)
chris 73 days ago
I want to find hidden piggy page
juhi 73 days ago
I found the hidden piggy page
jeffrey 86 days ago
https redirects are broken
chris 253 days ago
love my friends
chris 283 days ago
feel like I’m atrophying intellectually a little
chris 284 days ago
reading ‘pevertathon’ by daniel matthew
juhi 286 days ago
chris 287 days ago
listening to music
chris 296 days ago
chris 296 days ago
chris 313 days ago
go Jeffrey go!
jeffrey 332 days ago
I think I could die right now
jeffrey 332 days ago
slowly melting
chris 360 days ago
whispering my feeblest dreams into your knotted brains
chris 360 days ago
chris 374 days ago
I think so jeffrey
chris 374 days ago
@ sxsw lol
jeffrey 375 days ago
Is it possible to just not have a job indefinitely?
chris 382 days ago
need to be a kinder person IRL so I feel more comfortable making evil music
juhi 395 days ago
I want a daiqori
chris 405 days ago
finally googled how to pronounce 'koan'
chris 405 days ago
I was accepted into an elite online film filesharing society
chris 407 days ago
Doraemon is coming [2]
chris 407 days ago
chris 408 days ago
"portrait of the artist as a shadow of his former self" has to be one of the hardest artwork names of all time
chris 409 days ago
im the Florence foster jenkins of this scene
chris 416 days ago
all strung out on Netflix and 5-HTP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtZUB3fljNY
martin 429 days ago
juhi 438 days ago
eworm discord join link - https://discord.gg/qWm3sYPr
chris 440 days ago
listening to a lot of pizzicato five
chris 447 days ago
2022 "in": @<moja412744 //moja412744.e-worm.club/twtxt.txt>
jeffrey 451 days ago
last line on Catherine's latest post is so funny
jeffrey 451 days ago
Doraemon is coming
jeffrey 451 days ago
Shoop Shoop is fun
chris 453 days ago
juhi 453 days ago
Shoop shoop indeed
chris 455 days ago
e-warm club
chris 459 days ago
good ideas so hard to come by
martin 462 days ago
Hey, this is sweet and relaxing <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ooEmylePnE
martin 463 days ago
<>< Synth stuff! that's super cool. Yeah, we will see. Definitely excited to get to know it
zach 463 days ago
digitakt is sick Martin, I had one for a bit and then sold it bc I only wanted to make synthier music. but it's really cool n weird. get it!
juhi 465 days ago
me accidentally sending someone the wikipedia entry for Scene (subculture) instead of my mixcloud set 😮‍💨
juhi 465 days ago
thought i had yesterday: if i am at all hot it is by accident
chris 468 days ago
im apprenticing to be 25 and swag 😬
chris 468 days ago
when are we all meeting up in CDMX
chris 468 days ago
gonna have another beer
chris 468 days ago
feel like neo-spacian glow moss
jacob 472 days ago
Millennials are killing the heterosexual industry
juhi 485 days ago
Im apprenticing to be 24 and swag
juhi 485 days ago
Entering my vain ego spending phase of life, sponsored by net-a-porter and aeromexico
zach 487 days ago
combing through everyone's pages again and wow my friends are so cool
zach 488 days ago
preparing to become a William Blake acolyte
zach 488 days ago
I think I need love everywhere
jeffrey 488 days ago
@<chris //chris.e-worm.club/twtxt.txt> minecraft bitcraft bitcoin minecoins
juhi 491 days ago
having a breakdown to kim Petras in the residence inn 🤡
juhi 492 days ago
No—I think you don't need love in SF, NYC, and LA, and perhaps Chicago, but only in the summer
chris 493 days ago
I knew about Burroughs and the typewriter but not about Burroughs & Ivy Lee (PR)
chris 493 days ago
in every city you need love
juhi 493 days ago
Denver seems like a city where you need love
juhi 495 days ago
chris 496 days ago
in fairness Chicago isn't on the list at all and Chicago is the only one that gets updated
chris 496 days ago
artcards.cc/sanfrancisco/ is empty nearly every week Ha ha :(
chris 496 days ago
liking that bekah cc song
juhi 502 days ago
Just popping in to say i read everything u write
chris 503 days ago
chris 503 days ago
this channel just me talking to myself
chris 503 days ago
got my first wikipedia citation
chris 506 days ago
find the world immensely challenging
chris 517 days ago
hisoka is so funny
chris 519 days ago
reading ‘water margin’
chris 520 days ago
maybe we need to Minecraft again
chris 522 days ago
could make a playlist of songs where they sing about MacBooks
chris 522 days ago
I hate conversation because it feels risky but I need to do it more or I'll be stuck forever
chris 529 days ago
vv he's just like me
zach 529 days ago
martin 542 days ago
This phrase came to me, "Emotional Lane Changing." Also, Juhi, do share, via not this, come at me ! What's up, what's been coming up?
juhi 542 days ago
Not that anyone asked
juhi 542 days ago
Just want everyone to know i am doing very poorly
chris 543 days ago
juhi 543 days ago
told ya Darren :)
darren 543 days ago
This dude on Facebook told me to bring a USB to his renegade. I felt like a fool telling him I DJ songs straight from Tidal
darren 547 days ago
Guys we're legit about to play music that shouldn't be played publicly to the public, that's a trip in itself
chris 548 days ago
zach 549 days ago
zach 549 days ago
Munch it down yum yum yum
zach 549 days ago
Empty content
zach 549 days ago
Glad to see art is just clickbait now
juhi 550 days ago
ok yall this is just egregious https://exhibitions.asianart.org/exhibitions/chanel-miller-i-was-i-am-i-will-be/
chris 556 days ago
hope I'm not wasting my life LOL
juhi 556 days ago
I bought swordfish and chocolate chip cookies
juhi 556 days ago
Drunk at the whole foods
juhi 557 days ago
sf needs legit arts criticism there's too much bad shit on the walls
juhi 561 days ago
really into Danez smith
chris 568 days ago
getting back into gr10k / Armature Globale
darren 575 days ago
Honestly fair
juhi 576 days ago
im blaming my IG addiction on all of you not worming enough
juhi 578 days ago
does this make me homophobic?
juhi 578 days ago
and by everyone I mean Lukas and Antonio
juhi 578 days ago
so funny you say that, I just logged on to say sorry everyone, but I think the new Lorde is cringe, but its not as bad as it could be, and interesting in some ways, but still cringe
chris 579 days ago
how do we feel abt new Lorde
chris 585 days ago
juhi glad to see u enjoying long drive on Spotify ... sad sappy sucker also so goooood
chris 585 days ago
unless it's like tube fruit or one of those cassettes Isaac recorded in a trailer when he was like 16
chris 585 days ago
I was too close to MM for too long now I can't listen
chris 585 days ago
we all do
juhi 586 days ago
who gets to own modest mouse?
chris 587 days ago
interview w ville kallio should be dropping thursday
chris 587 days ago
how does me visiting SF last week of sept sound
chris 587 days ago
anyways I'm reading cringe millennial webcomics to feel something
chris 587 days ago
really such a significant work for me that it's hard to even get into
chris 587 days ago
so much love for u and Darren rn Jacob
juhi 587 days ago
I made couscous
jacob 589 days ago
yo chris LFG I haven't met another evangelion fan in ages. Darren and I have been trying to find time to watch the rebuilds given 3.0 + 1.0 english dub came out yesterday. I think people here would love the headiness of it.
juhi 590 days ago
chris 590 days ago
love the hyperlink to CA ideology
chris 590 days ago
chris 590 days ago
it's freshjuhi
juhi 590 days ago
I updated my website u guys :)
chris 591 days ago
you guys really do still need to watch evangelion
juhi 592 days ago
happy bday jeff
juhi 594 days ago
accidentally tweaking 🤕
zach 601 days ago
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jodi_(art_collective) think that site is from like 2001 or earlier
zach 601 days ago
JODI is OG net.art lfg this is like what I wrote my undergrad thesis on lol
jacob 603 days ago
Thanks for the welcome yall. Thought this site might be of interest: http://wwwwwwwww.jodi.org/ I have no idea what is going on here but it feels artistic.
juhi 605 days ago
welcome, Jacob! 🥳
zach 606 days ago
lfg jacob
jacob 608 days ago
Today I put my headphones on and listened to ambient music while I wriggled back and forth on the carpet. How many worms are underneath my head, wriggling as I was? The circle of worm is persistent and terrifying.
zach 609 days ago
Two events u might like juhi: https://sfpl.org/events/2021/07/28/presentation-neon-matchbook-typography https://sfpl.org/events/2021/07/30/workshop-ali-blum-styrofoam-three-reduction-printing
chris 609 days ago
We should be going to smartbar tonight together :(
chris 609 days ago
I miss u guys
chris 609 days ago
Lsdxoxo so cool
juhi 609 days ago
straight fire https://soundcloud.com/mixmag-1/the-cover-mix-lsdxoxo
chris 613 days ago
chris 613 days ago
e-worm anniversary fast approaching omg
chris 614 days ago
rewatching FLCL :)
martin 614 days ago
bye Juhi ~~
martin 614 days ago
das awesomeh! The push looks really fun and useful
juhi 615 days ago
its called she is the producer! supported by this cool org femme house and Ableton =) they gave us a free intro license and also a huge discount on the push, which I just ordered
juhi 615 days ago
bye Martin
chris 617 days ago
Always one step ahead. Even death doesn’t bother with me. I’m such a bore. Everyone hates me. Always bragging about my skills and opportunities. No wonder everyone finds me so repulsive. Life is fundamentally malevolent. That’s why I’m filled with such youthful energy.
martin 618 days ago
PPPPSSSHHH: Juhi, Ableton course?? I wanna know more about this sorcery!
chris 619 days ago
still dripping with swag..
chris 619 days ago
thought u meant this kinda jungle juhi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL2Bgj-za5k
juhi 620 days ago
jungle music videos are just dripping with SWAG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P3PA96bbHU
juhi 636 days ago
RIP Lauren Berlant =(
juhi 639 days ago
parchmenter -> scribe -> illuminator -> bookbinder
darren 639 days ago
Wait that's so sweet thank you love u too <3! I've been waiting for that trip-science thing to happen again ever since and it just kinda hasn't. Maybe I just need to take largo doses again *shrug*
juhi 640 days ago
darren being a biophysicist is so fuckin dope. I think its the coolest thing ever. Im like, damn i wish i understood science well enough for my mind to be blown while tripping like u described in ur worm! ur the coolest, love u <3
darren 643 days ago
Zach you called it, the whole bay area is horny rn
chris 643 days ago
Zach the anime I think you would like is mind game by yuasa masaaki
chris 643 days ago
I need to get out there
zach 652 days ago
horniness is on the horizon.. https://bloodknife.com/everyone-beautiful-no-one-horny/
chris 653 days ago
tribute to dash snow on the new dean blunt album is a tearjerker
chris 654 days ago
sleep deprivation is definitely drug of choice Darren
chris 654 days ago
Haunted Mound boys show up in your game cam...3 bullets in my gun and 3 knives in my pants
darren 656 days ago
Update: not gonna ask, just gonna leave
darren 656 days ago
I'm here in the lab hallucinating from sleep deprivation trying to build up the confidence to ask the next lab over if I can have some expensive-ass dye. What is life?
chris 656 days ago
very nice vv
zach 656 days ago
Kdo neskace, neni Cech. Hop, hop, hop!
chris 656 days ago
instead of SFMOMA it's SFMOJA
darren 660 days ago
yo guys what's popping? anyways I'm a person. More to come
chris 660 days ago
it's probably obvious to you all that I don't like talking about capitalism much, but imagine how much less time I would spend being possessed by pity if we didn't live under a system that degrades literally everyone
chris 661 days ago
chris 662 days ago
also lol Zach good log update
chris 662 days ago
feeling some way
juhi 667 days ago
remember no simp september
juhi 669 days ago
wow I didn't know that about oysters. gonna file that in my list of things to forget about
juhi 669 days ago
I read every single one
chris 670 days ago
feel like the statuses page is just the chriszone nowadays
chris 670 days ago
wtf I didn't know raw oysters were alive
chris 671 days ago
wish I had gone to Adrian's kickback
chris 676 days ago
damn just learned xxxtentacion sampled teen suicide
chris 676 days ago
also go mumu go KQED stars
chris 676 days ago
they should apologize to the minks for killing them during covid-19
chris 676 days ago
I think my life has come unstuck, which I'm grateful for
martin 677 days ago
all de demn time :'I
juhi 678 days ago
thank you Martin for appreciating me and my professional development
chris 684 days ago
I'd like to start a band but DIY chicago Facebook groups are beyond useless
jeffrey 685 days ago
@<chris //chris.e-worm.club/twtxt.txt> happy girl kitchen closed early today =(
jeffrey 685 days ago
I watched men in black international and it reminded me of the time we went to see tomb raider...not pleasant
chris 686 days ago
Nancy Peters, his wife and literary editor, said of Lamantia, "He found in the narcotic night world a kind of modern counterpart to the Gothic castle -- a zone of peril to be symbolically or existentially crossed."
chris 688 days ago
Speaking in eurish now
chris 688 days ago
Chief imagineer / mousketeer
chris 688 days ago
juhi 689 days ago
fakest job: headmaster of pranks at Joof Institute
chris 689 days ago
bathtub is the best place to ride out a hangover but coincidentally is also a good place to hide in an earthquake or active shooter situation, right?
chris 689 days ago
the caffeine stomachache to hangover stomachache pipeline
chris 689 days ago
I've been worrying about trying to get a 'real job' but maybe I should reverse course and try to get an even faker job
juhi 690 days ago
routinely cycling between caffeine stomachache <--> hangover stomachache <--> ice cream stomachache 🤕
juhi 696 days ago
RIP beto https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-politics-beto-orourke/
chris 700 days ago
really beautiful, telling read http://www.agcook.com/msmsmsm/2021-04-29T14:47:09.878Z hey guys check out scanpaths.com
chris 702 days ago
It’s really scary to think that I might never stop finding Among Us hilarious
juhi 702 days ago
Me in the line for security at sfo frantically going through the list of all my controlled substances in my head hoping I didnt accidentally bring any with me
chris 705 days ago
ecco2k gets me ...
zach 706 days ago
https://old.reddit.com/r/Ceramics/comments/mtsgfi/some_froggy_mugs_i_unloaded_today/ not to post reddit but I really like this
chris 706 days ago
meow famous e-worms...
chris 709 days ago
thx zach <3
zach 710 days ago
sick glazes https://www.instagram.com/ebh_pottery/ chris come to sf we will nurture u
chris 711 days ago
I am the richest girl in every room / mainline to the UE BOOM
chris 711 days ago
I really like sunglasses by Black Country, New Road
chris 719 days ago
unless something goes horribly wrong—or horribly right—I'll leave Chicago in a year's time. hopefully I'll be closer to you all when it happens. which I think it will.
zach 719 days ago
If you come to my home in a year and I don't have a couple quail running round the garden please ask me where I went astray.
chris 721 days ago
just read Nadja, neat
juhi 724 days ago
martin, i work at a political consulting firm where i design propaganda for clients on the scale of moderate Dem to leftist
lukas 732 days ago
i would die for LA
antonio 733 days ago
antonio 733 days ago
Juhi talked to me about the lines in LA and now I can’t stop thinking about them
juhi 733 days ago
Antonio loves LA but I think I hate it now
chris 734 days ago
feeling hope that I may be able to accomplish some dreams
juhi 736 days ago
yo zach that video is a whole ass trip. I imagine that guy as just you in the future... anyway gimme summa that silk tassel to chew on
zach 737 days ago
we're growing one of these baddies
zach 737 days ago
juhi I GOT u bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGHHvy3SYBU
chris 738 days ago
I think its interesting when they tattoo glyphs into goldfish https://www.abc.net.au/news/2009-08-14/tattooed-golden-fish-decorated-with-chinese-lucky/1390266?nw=0
chris 738 days ago
I want to go to ca :(
chris 738 days ago
that's crazy
lukas 740 days ago
Catherine’s post reminds me of the new St Vincent song.
juhi 740 days ago
we watched a how its made on aquarium fish and they force mated them by holding them together with their hands
zach 740 days ago
jeffrey come back so we can make a pond
chris 751 days ago
distressed by what a frivolous person I am
chris 751 days ago
chris 751 days ago
love peep show so much
juhi 751 days ago
Peep show is so fucking funny
chris 752 days ago
like https://sammlung.staedelmuseum.de/en/work/the-dance-of-the-rats
chris 752 days ago
I was going to the gym this morning and saw a bunch of garbage blowing tumbleweed-like in a circle and found it really beautiful and arresting and funny
chris 752 days ago
btw I have a new music video idea
chris 752 days ago
when I was in mirfield there were chickens and they were named celia, edna, nellie, brenda, karen, tracy, maureen, lizzie, and wilson
chris 752 days ago
Zach you should get the chickens
chris 752 days ago
every night I get high so I can fall asleep early and get a new question to ruminate on the following day. like a gift
chris 752 days ago
the tatami galaxy was a really nice anime .. tailor-made for me
zach 753 days ago
orrr https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/grd/d/sacramento-large-teens/7285139001.html
zach 753 days ago
I want them so bad https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/grq/d/shingle-springs-the-best-chickens-in/7285776126.html
juhi 758 days ago
https://www.australiangeographic.com.au/topics/wildlife/2011/10/animals-getting-high-10-common-drunks/2021-03-04T07:19:09.550Z tag urself im Black Sex Link also z j wanted u to know i read your garden log daily
juhi 760 days ago
im all about basement jaxx
chris 760 days ago
feelings OFF swag ON
chris 760 days ago
elko basque community... we will return
chris 760 days ago
lol juhi
chris 760 days ago
feel like basement jaxx were pretty dope. just annoying rave shit
juhi 762 days ago
that reminds me of the video of you guys drunk dancing in the mall in ktown @chris
chris 764 days ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itmXGpz4p1o we need to find a way to go on tour .... tour for what? idk
juhi 765 days ago
Sig chis are just patrician alpha delts - chris
juhi 766 days ago
next time we're in Elko we have to have Basque food, and a Picon punch
juhi 766 days ago
the chipkos are dope z, speaking of massacres i read this yesterday and cried https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/myanmar-rakhine-events/
chris 766 days ago
crazy find Zach
chris 766 days ago
+1 for peep show Juhi, hilarious show also my poetry recs are so basic in comparison to aditi's +1 for Derek Walcott
zach 766 days ago
epic defenders of the trees https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khejarli_massacre
chris 767 days ago
a harper barista famously once said I looked like tom waits
zach 768 days ago
tom waits is so epic thanks jon
juhi 768 days ago
i almost cried watching this https://youtu.be/jNKnrftQR1U
chris 768 days ago
greatest delight of living in chicago is looking at your houseplant separated from the blizzard outside by just a few panes of glass
chris 768 days ago
feel like I'm on europeangoldfinch.net
chris 768 days ago
have started waking up really early just to feel nice and inhuman
juhi 775 days ago
happy birthday chris!
zach 776 days ago
good https://organizing.work/2020/12/there-is-something-missing-from-tech-worker-organizing/
chris 780 days ago
I think the Salem DieWithMe video is really good
chris 780 days ago
zach 782 days ago
juhi https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/atq/d/daly-city-vase-2/7270206424.html
chris 786 days ago
juhi I've been kinda feeling Freddie dredd lately. funny that he has so many songs that sound like sugar ray; a nice twist on the Memphis rap stylings
chris 786 days ago
wait fuck I want to go to monarch bear grove
chris 786 days ago
zach I love the tree geotag
zach 787 days ago
there is an order of bards, ovates, and druids that maintains a sacred grove in golden gate park
zach 787 days ago
i am freaking out this was somewhere right near where we tripped in gg https://www.niche-museums.com/66
juhi 793 days ago
chris 793 days ago
lil grip verse goes crazy
chris 793 days ago
listening to Freddy mercury cypher
chris 793 days ago
thanks @<zach //zach.e-worm.club/twtxt.txt>
chris 793 days ago
do it @<Juhi //Juhi.e-worm.club/twtxt.txt>
juhi 793 days ago
And mesh produce bags
juhi 793 days ago
Putting here so i dont forget, i want to make a drawstring linen laundry bag
zach 794 days ago
@ chris no it doesn't besides that ugly link it tries to add lol
zach 794 days ago
https://www.theguardian.com/food/2021/jan/21/top-chefs-favourite-homemade-soups-from-curried-carrot-to-creamy-sweet-potato @ juhi
chris 795 days ago
@<zach //zach.e-worm.club/twtxt.txt> does @-ing people do anything here
chris 795 days ago
apologies Juhi autocorrect is ruthless
zach 795 days ago
https://sf.gov/get-notified-when-its-your-turn-vaccine/ @juhi
juhi 795 days ago
i respond to my name and my name only. but i'd never heard of phil, i skimmed the vulture profile - weird guy. i'll check out the album
chris 796 days ago
he seems like an important reference point in your studies Judi
chris 796 days ago
Phil Spector dead, not sure he deserves an RIP but death of a ladies man is the only Leonard Cohen album that's clicked with me
zach 804 days ago
yah i want like larp shit where I'm just totally inhabiting a psycho character
chris 804 days ago
really want to push myself to the edge (or some edge or any edge). but in a good way
chris 804 days ago
does that make sense?
chris 804 days ago
need to create situations where we can get crazier
juhi 807 days ago
i wonder how chris does it
zach 807 days ago
I have also been feeling deeply that my perpetual lovelessness is a sign that I am too strange and wonderful to be understood (isn't that so deliciously indulgent)
zach 807 days ago
juhi I feel that you captured our conversations about love exceptionally well
chris 824 days ago
watched EoE and cried again. this close to making a EvaGeeks account
juhi 835 days ago
this shit actually makes me wanna vomit https://eyeondesign.aiga.org/joe-bidens-election-branding-was-both-traditional-and-trippy-and-it-looks-like-the-future-of-politics/
chris 839 days ago
can we make a calendar
chris 839 days ago
need to figure out a direction for my life or I'll vanish in a puff of smoke lol
chris 842 days ago
Joseph Stella so interesting...
juhi 843 days ago
zach- never heard of Joseph stella! but im digging tree of life, apotheosis of a rose, and Dance of Spring (Song of the Birds). what do you like about him?
juhi 843 days ago
there's something to the references/endlessly or chaotically referential...indicative of the amount of info we process today? seems unique to our time... something something what would the beats look like today
zach 846 days ago
chris send us sounds for our e-worm mc resource pack
zach 846 days ago
juhi what you think of joseph stella he seems p sick
juhi 846 days ago
juhi 846 days ago
guys we should make a calendar
juhi 856 days ago
Zide Door Church of Entheogenic Plants, an Oakland-based mushroom and cannabis church
zach 856 days ago
@ juhi this mf king https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/nov/20/california-lawmaker-decriminalize-psychedelics
juhi 859 days ago
lol I learned that it rained today from zach's log
chris 862 days ago
@<zach //zach.e-worm.club/twtxt.txt> that dog statue is so fucking good
chris 862 days ago
♫( -_・) ︻デ═一 ▸
juhi 863 days ago
♫( -_・) ︻デ═一  ▸
zach 864 days ago
zach 865 days ago
e-worm.club mc server now live 👀
chris 865 days ago
juhi 866 days ago
zach 869 days ago
antonio I feel the exact same way ab my one trip to therapy
zach 870 days ago
@juhi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5LjGFkpApw
juhi 870 days ago
welcome Martin!
zach 870 days ago
this is cool and this guy is also working on a really cool programming language https://eriksvedang.com/blueberry-garden
zach 870 days ago
e-worm is now on gemini!! (the protocol) to browse download this here gemini browser => https://git.skyjake.fi/skyjake/lagrange/releases/download/v0.7.2/lagrange_v0.7.2_macos10.13-x86_64.tbz and go to someone's homepage (e-worm home doesn't work yet)
chris 872 days ago
I can't get over how cool Jeffrey's site is hahahaha
chris 872 days ago
are you guys seeing this mink business
chris 872 days ago
yo wtf juhi that's so clean
juhi 872 days ago
chris 873 days ago
:) m
zach 878 days ago
e-worm.club renewed for 5 yrs :)
zach 878 days ago
sprouts are sprouting! yesterday it was the shade mix, this morning it is those sweet flowers of the dawn, morning glories!
ella 883 days ago
<3 <3 I love u zach i'll make clothes with u so soon
zach 885 days ago
ellllla come make clothes with me I miss u so
juhi 893 days ago
omg zach I LOLed at that on my zoom call haha. btw can you add a line after this? >machine learning is an inherently authoritarian ideology... to explain further? thanks!
zach 893 days ago
>have I become irrelevant at the tender age of 22? LMAO ok Carrie
zach 898 days ago
just tried to scrape a piece of dust off my screen and it wouldn't come off but then I realized it was actually my cursor
zach 898 days ago
☾☁︎ my terminal looks like
ella 898 days ago
juhi 899 days ago
cool article from cheapskateguide zach, thanks for sharing. this is super cursory but reminds me of masters tools by audre Lorde, which everyone likes to apply to everything... but I somehow find it really easy to not interrogate computers in the same way.
zach 905 days ago
Old ppl really had it easy => https://siderea.dreamwidth.org/1662085.html
juhi 907 days ago
Can we make it under the sea but also marijuana
zach 908 days ago
hey yall I'm gonna update the main pages styles soon consider this an open call for aesthetic / font / color ideas
ella 913 days ago
I have never eaten an oyster.
ella 913 days ago
I'm here 2 WORM (so worm me up)
zach 913 days ago
kurt vile is so ugly u heard it hear first
zach 913 days ago
juhi b liek => https://diff.wikimedia.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/1280px-Wikipedia_under_construction_GIF.gif?resize=1024%2C586
zach 913 days ago
I loled
juhi 915 days ago
is that a joke
chris 916 days ago
check this out: IMG_91919.jpg
chris 916 days ago
hey guys wahts up
zach 920 days ago
Cool article on how computer manufacturers are building in less user autonomy and more surveillance => https://cheapskatesguide.org/articles/techno-cage.html
juhi 926 days ago
zach it was so nice to see your pics from WV! your hair is so long lol. what shoes are you wearing in the pic shaking the tent? did you get crocs? looks like such a fun time <3 I love this blog format
meta 926 days ago
and there should be no more blank-page errors
meta 926 days ago
u can now leave ".gmi" off of gemini page links
meta 927 days ago
u can upload fonts now and gemini quotes (>heyasdfa asjdfkjkjkasd) now render better in html
zach 927 days ago
hey guys I made the west virginia page for u
juhi 928 days ago
2013 feels so long ago
zach 928 days ago
juhi tht kamala email is so funny
juhi 928 days ago
juhi 929 days ago
zach u really schooled me, much love
zach 929 days ago
ok I wrote something //zach.e-worm.club/relevant_community.gmi
zach 929 days ago
will write something short one sec
juhi 929 days ago
whats their overall pitch? j feel like the curation is good
zach 929 days ago
i follow them on insta but every article they post I feel like "yes cool i agree" without feeling the need to read it idk why. see anything particularly cool on there? I don't really agree with their overall pitch tho tbh
juhi 929 days ago
yall know about this? https://relevant.community/relevant/top have been using for a little while and think I like
juhi 929 days ago
thinking I need a tldr for any article longer than 150 words :S or adder all
juhi 929 days ago
Liked an attachment
juhi 929 days ago
how to reconcile?
juhi 929 days ago
thinking about haim but also about how white people are over :/
juhi 929 days ago
zach and I are talking about computer rooms and how they are funny... something something devices affecting design of homes/rooms/family interaction... zach says mine was like Internet cafe
zach 929 days ago
west virginia is insane
zach 929 days ago
I'm home and sleepy
juhi 929 days ago
I wanna fight
juhi 929 days ago
hey anyone home
juhi 933 days ago
I like how no one can like my status update: its just me typing into the void
juhi 933 days ago
my new favorite band is HAIM -- the only girls who walk in LA
juhi 933 days ago
I am in koreatown
zach 937 days ago
extremely– but we can change that if needed
juhi 937 days ago
is this public? hello world!
chris 938 days ago
ok good immediate sedimentary messaging again — perfect
chris 938 days ago
hey Zach very cool
zach 938 days ago
hey chris until we get our own admin.e-worm.club up and running check out the gemini guide here https://admin.flounder.online/gemini_text_guide.gmi - tells you how to write .gmi files